The Squad

We are a Salt Lake City based sports and pop culture podcast. We take pride in providing sports fans with an unbiased perspective.


Chanse Frenette: Co Host, Producer and Creator.

I once finished second in the Geography Bee. I also was a beast in Ute Conference and Jr Jazz. So I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about. My life’s desire has always been to run a small, Salt Lake City based podcast. I like having a voice that no one will ever hear. In my down time, I like to check in on Foursquare and watch cat videos on YouTube.



Danielle Edwards: Co-host and token chick of the podcast.

I’m the lone Ute in a Cougar family. Utes are gods and football rules. I also love soccer (or futbol, for the hardcore…Go RSL!) and I’m a recent lifelong student in the classroom of learning to be a Jazz basketball fan. It’s a work in progress, people. My favorite color is plaid. Brian Dunseth hugged me once. My friend stole my tiara and he refuses to give it back.
I’m the “pop culture enthusiast” of the bunch, bringing to you some of the most outrageous and funny stories from around the web. Lately I’m known as the donut queen.



Brian Child: Co-Host and the Sole BYU Guy!

Naturally and Artificially Flavored! Brian has a unique perspective on BYU sports.  He is rational, balanced and brings a unique perspective to our podcast.  BYU Football is his first love, however you will also see him tweet his frustrations at his favorite pro teams The Utah Jazz,  Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Blackhawks, White Sox and “The Queen, The Vatican, The Gettys, The RothChilds, AND Colonel Sanders before he went tits up“.  He loves BBQ and all things smoked and marinated.  He also has an addiction to Coke Zero and supports a mans right to a Proper Drink Run.